Public Safety Advisory: Controlled Water Release at Churchill Falls Jacopie Spillway

April 14th, 2021

Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls advises the public of a controlled water release to occur from the upper Churchill reservoir at the Jacopie Spillway commencing April 16, 2021. The duration of the water release is unknown. We will notify the public once the controlled release of water has ended.

The public is advised to avoid the following and surrounding areas:
• Jacopie Spillway upstream and downstream of the Spillway;
• Whitefish Control Structure;
• The Churchill River Walking Trail;
• East and west forebay water storage areas located north of the community of Churchill Falls.

Safety is always our number one priority. The public should always use extreme caution around dykes, dams, and spillways as water levels in these areas are always unpredictable.

The controlled water release is in preparation of spring run-off. The release ensures we continue maintaining safe water levels in the reservoir.


Media Contact:
Cherylynn Downer
Communications & Community Relations Advisor
t.709.925.8217 c. 709.280.2805