Media Statement: Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls Confirms Spill into the Churchill River

October 30th, 2019

Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls is confirming a spill of up to 39 litres of Luminol into the Churchill River, approximately 5 to 7 kilometers downstream from the Churchill Falls Tailrace.

Luminol is a biodegradable product and it does not pose a risk to the river or wildlife. The Spill Response Team was activated at approximately 11:00 am to contain the product and initiate clean-up.

The spill originated from the underground generating facility where an oil containment system failed to retain the product. An investigation is underway to identify the exact cause of the release. The affected pump that led to the discharge has been taken out of service. The containment system remains fully operational.

The discharge was discovered by employees conducting a routine cleaning of the underground oil sumps.

Environment Canada was notified immediately and crews are continuing with their clean-up. We will provide more information as it is available.


Media Contact:

Cherylynn Downer

Communications & Community Relations Advisor

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