Churchill Falls Donates Emergency Fire Pump to Black Tickle, Labrador

October 22nd, 2020

October 22, 2020, Churchill Falls, NLNalcor Energy Churchill Falls, Fire & Security, donates emergency water pump along with 600 ft. of fire hose to the community of Black Tickle. The community currently does not have any fire emergency equipment.

Following the news of a house fire earlier this year in Black Tickle, Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls, Fire & Security, identified surplus equipment in its possession that would be of use to the isolated community. The company began working with the Honourable Lisa Dempster, Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs, Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation, and the Office for the Status of Women, and Joe Keefe, Chair of the Local Service District, to help make this donation possible.

“We are so grateful and thankful to the Churchill Falls Fire Department for this equipment. It now gives us the means to possibly save lives and homes where before all we could do was sit back and watch,” says Mr. Keefe. “This donation is greatly appreciated by everyone in Black Tickle.”

Darrin Mills, Churchill Falls Manager of Emergency Services, along with Matthew Brenton, Fire & Security Officer, will be in the community on October 23, 2020 to present the equipment and provide training to community representatives. Minister Dempster and the Honourable Yvonne Jones, Labrador Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Northern Affairs, will also be on site as the community accepts this critical piece of equipment.

“I would like to thank and acknowledge Nalcor Energy’s Fire & Security Department in Churchill Falls for donating critical and life-saving equipment for the benefit of the people who live in the isolated Labrador community of Black Tickle. While we hope the Local Service District doesn’t have to use the emergency water pump and hose, we know that fires and other similar emergencies happen,” says Minister Dempster. “Nalcor Energy’s donation of equipment and training provides the community with tools they can use to respond to emergencies, as well as offering residents a greater sense of comfort and peace of mind.”

The equipment consists of a 250 gallon per minute, 11 horse power water pump, and 600ft. of water hose. This type of pump is typically used in remote locations where fire hydrants are not accessible but where bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds, can be used as a water source to extinguish a fire.

“Not all small communities have the resources to have such equipment on hand,” says Mr. Mills. “Donating surplus equipment is a way of giving back to the communities in which we live and work, especially when the equipment can potentially save lives.”

Donating surplus equipment to communities in need is not new for the Churchill Falls Fire & Security Department. In 2012, the department donated a Jaws of Life device to Mary’s Harbour, Labrador and in 2019 donated a fire truck to the community of Port Hope Simpson, Labrador.


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