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While the province has an abundance of renewable resources, many coastal isolated communities rely on electricity produced by diesel generating systems. To help reduce reliance on diesel generation, Nalcor built one of the first projects in the world to integrate generation from wind, hydrogen and diesel in an isolated electrical system.

The Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Energy Project in Ramea is a research and development project that uses renewable energy to supplement the diesel requirements of an electrically isolated island community.

Throughout 2011, Nalcor made considerable progress with the commissioning phase of the project, which will be complete in 2012. The Environmental Management System will automatically control and monitor the equipment, enabling the delivery of safe, efficient and reliable electricity to its utility customers.

Following the commissioning phase, Nalcor will embark on the demonstration phase of the project which involves optimizing the operation of the facility, analyzing project data, increasing efficiencies of the equipment and determining the market potential of the system.