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In addition to Churchill Falls, the Lower Churchill Project and NL Hydro, Nalcor operates and maintains several other projects, each unique and crucial to the province’s energy future.

  • Ramea: In this small community on Northwest Island, Nalcor has built one of the first projects in the world to integrate generation from wind, hydrogen and diesel in an isolated electricity system.
  • Menihek: Nalcor assumed full operating control of the Menihek Generating Station in 2008, and has since entered into a 40-year power purchase agreement with Hydro-Québec to supply electricity to Hydro-Québec for its customers in the Schefferville region.
  • Energy marketing: Since 2009, Nalcor has sold electricity from existing and future developments while also building its expertise in competitive energy markets in both Canada and the United States. Nalcor’s energy portfolio will continue to grow as the Muskrat Falls Project comes into full service.