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Hydro is a Crown corporation and a subsidiary of Nalcor Energy. Committed to operational excellence, Hydro is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable, least-cost power to industrial, utility and over 38,000 direct customers in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

The company has an installed generating capacity of 1,792 megawatts. Over 80 per cent of the energy generated in 2010 was clean, hydroelectric generation. Our power generating assets consist of nine hydroelectric plants, one oil-fired plant, five gas turbines, 25 diesel plants, and thousands of kilometres of transmission and distribution lines.

Hydro generates, transmits and distributes electrical power and energy to industrial, utility and residential customers in Newfoundland and Labrador. At Hydro, we recognize that a dependable source of electricity is an essential part of daily life. We’ve provided safe and reliable electricity for over 50 years to customers across the province and we will continue to do so for future generations

We are focused on long-term strategic asset maintenance and planning to ensure a continued reliable and dependable source of electricity. Our continuous infrastructure upgrades and use of new technology is one way we commit to providing excellent customer service. We continue to search for the best way to provide power that is safe, cost-efficient, sustainable and environmentally sound.

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