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In 2010, for a third consecutive year, Churchill Falls successfully completed 100 per cent of its EMS targets and milestones. Environmental initiatives included performing environmental site assessments and site remediation, as well as the clean-up of five large sites of construction debris in the Churchill Falls and Orma Camp areas.

ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System (EMS) governs the environmental activities at Nalcor Energy – Churchill Falls. This system includes specific performance measures and a commitment to continual improvement through EMS Programs.

Programs developed under the EMS cover a broad range of areas, including waste management and recycling, water management, hazardous materials management, spills prevention and management, environmental site assessment and remediation, and fish and wildlife management. The EMS and ISO 14001 certification are key components of this commitment and they will continue to be the cornerstone of the company’s environmental work.

The EMS provides the company with a solid framework for environmental management and continual improvement. The company is committed to managing its operations to reduce its environmental impact, while continuing to provide customers with safe, reliable, least-cost power.

The Churchill Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station has an installed capacity of 5,428 megawatts (MW). Associated with this development is approximately 1,200 km of high-voltage transmission lines, an airport and the Town of Churchill Falls. Environmental aspects of these facilities are included in the EMS. The environmental aspects of the decommissioned Twin Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station are also managed through Churchill Falls’ EMS. The EMS was registered in 2000 and successfully completed a surveillance audit in 2008.