BAF’s 120,000m2 site comes with 20,600m2 of enclosed fabrication and support facilities and marine infrastructure. This supports the fabrication, assembly and load-out of topside components. Major facilities include:

  • Module hall (5,300m2, 2 x 75 tonne cranes, 39m x 39m mega door)
  • Receiving quay (165m long, 10m draft)
  • Assembly pier (140m long, 10-14m draft)
  • Pipe shop (1,275m2)
  • Cutting shop and assembly hall (4,500m2)
  • Blast and paint shop (2,600m2)
  • Hibernia
  • Terra Nova
  • White Rose Extension – Subsea Integration & Testing
  • Hebron


Our facility’s total area of 140,000m2 provides numerous buildings, quays and laydown areas to support large-scale construction, fabrication and marine activities. Major facilities include:

  • Fabrication building (8,600m2, 9 overhead cranes)
  • Three multi-purpose industrial buildings
  • Seven quays, including 172m south quay (10m draft)
  • Former drydock (40,000m2, requires earthen berm)
  • Hibernia GBS
  • Hebron GBS
  • Terra Nova FPSO
  • GSF GrandBanks – Refit
  • Henry Goodrich – Refit


We go deep. BAF has the flexibiity to handle deepwater construction and gives you access to Eastern Canada’s nearby international shipping lanes. This area has water depth of 160m and world-class major infrastructure that includes:

  • Ferry terminal
  • Laydown area
  • Power supply, telecommunications and water connections
  • Hibernia GBS
  • Hebron GBS


Our focus is to bring you a self-contained facility to meet all your needs. Additional support infrastructure includes:

  • Domestic, industrial and firewater systems
  • Sanitary sewer system
  • Independent radio communication system
  • 10km of paved roadway
  • Parking for 1,500+ vehicles
  • Significant fully-serviced brownfield space, capable of supporting 3,500+ person camp or industrial infrastructure
  • Additional large laydown/staging areas