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Bull Arm is a world-class facility with capabilities including steel fabrication and concrete construction, outfitting installation, at-shore hook-up and commissioning. It has fully integrated and comprehensive infrastructure to support fabrication and assembly of three key project functions, simultaneously, in three separate theatres: Topsides Fabrication and Assembly; Drydock Fabrication and Construction; and Deepwater Site.

This 120,000-square metre area has complete facilities to support the fabrication, assembly and load-out of topsides components. Major facilities of this site include: an administration building, pipe shop, cutting shop/assembly hall, blast/paint shop, heated warehouse and fully-equipped module fabrication hall.

The Drydock Fabrication and Construction site encompasses approximately 140,000 square metres. Major facilities of this site include: 9,000 square metre pipe shop/rebar building with ten overhead cranes, carpentry/warehouse building, and marine facilities including the former drydock and seven quays located inside and outside the drydock area.

Deepwater Site
The Deepwater site includes significant laydown and docking facilities to support deepwater construction operations. This site has a water depth of 150 to 180 metres.