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Bull Arm, Atlantic Canada’s largest industrial fabrication site, is located 150 kilometres from Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital city of St. John’s. Close to international shipping lanes and Europe, the site has unobstructed, deepwater access to the Atlantic Ocean and is centrally located in the North Atlantic to service major developments in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.

Bull Arm has fully integrated and comprehensive infrastructure to support fabrication and assembly of three key project functions, simultaneously, in three separate theatres: Topsides Fabrication and Assembly; Drydock Fabrication and Construction; and Deepwater Site.

This world-class facility is located close to the communities of Sunnyside, Arnold’s Cove and Come By Chance and has provided employment and economic spin-off benefits through the purchase of goods and services from this area. The site has provided broader benefits to the province through new infrastructure, technical knowledge and expertise, technology transfer and an experienced labour force.

The Bull Arm Fabrication site is an important asset for the province in the development of the oil and gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador and the advancement of the province’s fabrication capacity.

The Hebron Project is currently fully utilizing the Bull Arm site. For more information on the Hebron Project please visit their website.

For Hebron Project employment information, please visit the website of the current contractor onsite, Kiewit Kvaerner Contractor, at or email: