Helping Kids Get Creative

December 7th, 2016

Labrador is known for producing unique, talented artists. To encourage youth to continue the tradition, the Labrador Creative Arts Festival provides school children across Labrador with the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Every year students in schools across Labrador were given a theme on which to produce a play that is to be performed in Happy Valley – Goose Bay during “Arts Fest” week at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre. Visiting artists also dispersed throughout Labrador to ensure that the children who could not make the trip to central Labrador were not left out of Arts Fest week. These visiting artists specialize in music, painting, crafts making, mask creation, dance or any area of creative arts which makes the annual event very unique.

“As the coordinator for the past three festivals, and a strong proponent of the arts when I was a teacher, I know how much the festival means for the children who come from the coast to participate,” said Fiona Anderson, Labrador Creative Arts Festival Coordinator. “A week long celebration of the performing and visual arts, an opportunity to be involved in workshops with visiting artists and the performance of the play they have created is certainly strong validation for these children – they have a voice and they matter.”

Nalcor Energy was pleased to support the Labrador Creative Arts Festival in 2011 and help them to continue to provide youth with opportunities to discover the arts. “Most residents in Labrador have taken part in some way, shape, or form in the Arts Fest and it is part of our identity,” said Matthew Pike, Community Relations Advisor, Nalcor Energy. “Labradorians are known for expressing themselves creatively in very unique ways and year-after-year the youth continue to bring their best to the stage for the full auditoriums that eagerly await them.”

To promote the event, Nalcor launched a “like” campaign on its Facebook page. At the end of the campaign, Nalcor donated $10,000 to the Labrador Creative Arts Festival for much needed stage production and recording equipment.

“On behalf of everyone involved I extend thanks to Nalcor, one of our newest corporate sponsors,” said Fiona. “Their generous donation is gracefully received and wholeheartedly appreciated.”

“Well done Nalcor. Being a sponsor of the Labrador Creative Arts festival has many, many rewards. Glovertown Academy was thrilled to be a part of that rewarding experience this year as well.” – Rodney Vokey – Facebook comment