Cutting It Close

December 8th, 2016

When Chris Kehoe, Journey Lineworker in Churchill Falls heard Geoff Eaton, Executive Director of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC), deliver a presentation during Health and Safety Week in May 2010, he was instantly inspired to get involved with the organization.

“You could hear a pin drop while Geoff told his story about his personal battle with cancer,” said Chris.

Shortly after the presentation, Chris e-mailed Geoff to let him know he’d be willing to help at any time. Geoff took him up on his offer immediately and asked Chris if he was interested in organizing a Shave for the Brave event in Churchill Falls.

“I was speaking to my wife at home one evening about getting involved and maybe shaving my head,” said Chris. “My five-year old daughter, Avery, overheard and promptly told me she wanted to shave her head too and help children with cancer.”

All funds raised during the Shave for the Brave go directly toward supporting programs for young adult cancer patients and survivors. Avery set a fundraising goal of $500, which was easily surpassed to over $1500 within weeks.

“All Avery asked was that I shave my head before her at the event,” said Chris. “Well, that and she requested a couple of pretty hats and earrings as well. I’m really proud of her for wanting to help in this way, and I think she’s really courageous.”

Besides participating in Shave Day, Chris was also a Head Hunter, which means he recruite other participants for the Shave. He got great results – signing up his friend Tony McEachern and Tony’s two sons Brady and Miles, in addition to co-workers Steve Mills and Shane O’Brien. Andy MacNeill, Vice President and General Manager of Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls, heard about the initiative and signed up to shave his head as well.

The Shave team in Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls was part of a corporate-wide challenge to participate in Shave Day on March 25, 2011 with other Nalcor and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro offices. Other offices particiating in the shave were Holyrood, St. John’s and Bishop’s Falls.

The results of Nalcor and Hydro’s fundraising efforts in 2011’s Shave for the Brave event nearly doubled from 2010 to $19,560!