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At Nalcor, we believe that diversity of backgrounds, ideas and experiences enriches our company and contributes to an innovative, high performance environment. Our goal is to embrace individual differences and enable each other to reach our full potential.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a business imperative for Nalcor.  Nalcor’s Diversity and Inclusion Council was established in 2011 and has been working on enhancing D&I in our workplace. And while we have made progress in many areas, there is still work to be done.

Nalcor recognizes that women and other designated groups are under-represented in various occupational groups throughout the organization, particularly in executive, technical roles and skilled trades. We have set targets to increase the representation of women in our workforce in occupations in which they are under-represented.

Women represented 24 per cent of Nalcor Energy’s workforce in 2016. The highest representation of women are in administrative (93%), professional (excl. Engineers) (53%), semi-professional (62%), and service positions (50%).

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

In addition to our target-setting initiative, we are committed to implementing diversity and inclusion strategies to attract, recruit, develop and retain members of designated groups including Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. We are currently undertaking a self-identification census, to attain an understanding of the current representation of members of other designated groups within our existing workforce.

This information will allow us to assess our baseline representation and identify targeted strategies and initiatives to increase the representation of other designated groups in our workforce to ensure an inclusive work environment.

We recognize that building a diversity culture and achieving targets is a journey, similar to the journey of building a safety culture, but we are focused on implementing strategies that will set the organization up for sustained success.

Supplier Diversity

Nalcor Energy is committed to supplier diversity and encourages the participation of companies majority owned and operated by women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities in the supply of goods and services. For more information on supply chain opportunities with Nalcor, please visit our Nalcor Energy Bid Opportunities website at