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Nalcor Energy and its subsidiary companies run a well-known, well-respected and highly competitive co-op program for students seeking work experience and possible career opportunities.

The following are answers to the most common questions we receive from potential co-op program applicants.

Where do your co-op students come from?

The bulk of our co-op students attend Memorial University, but recently we’ve also begun taking students from College of North Atlantic, Keyin College and Academy Canada.

Who applies?

Our main source of applicants is via Memorial’s engineering and business programs. Recently, we have started taking local college students studying in fields such as communications, marketing and human resources.

How many students get accepted?

We take roughly 20 students per semester. Spots in the program are highly sought after, with some individual positions receiving as many as forty applicants.

How does the program get me involved in life at Nalcor?

Our co-op program is a great opportunity to join a leading company that is rapidly growing. It’s also a chance to potentially segue into a career here. We know this is an important opportunity, and we do everything we can to make your time here productive and comfortable. Despite its success, we’re still always looking to better the program and make it easier for students to get involved. We’re presently working on an online co-op orientation package designed to troubleshoot any unique problems students may face when arriving, such as completing paperwork, getting around the workplace, etc. Safety is our top priority at Nalcor, and it is important the students who join us understand and support our commitment to it. We run a safety orientation for students where we impress upon them its importance at Nalcor and encourage them to ask questions or offer comments.

I’ve applied. How do I make the cut?

Grades are obviously important, but they’re not the only consideration. A well-written and well-rounded cover letter and resume outlining your experience, accomplishments and long-term potential are crucial to getting an interview. We’re interested in your interest in our company, and we need to know you want the chance to learn with us. Personality also goes a long way in the selection process: it’s of the upmost importance that you’ll be happy here and that you’ll be a good fit with our culture and values. Work-term students who excel during their time here often come back for other co-op opportunities. We believe, even at this early stage of students’ careers, in forging mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Are co-op students paid?

For engineering and business students from Memorial, co-op positions are paid based on the work term level the student is completing. Some spots offered to alternate schools are not, but these students also enjoy the chance to branch into paid opportunities. We’ve also had examples of students on short work-terms getting extended contracts into paid work or receiving other forms of compensation, such as educational bursaries. We appreciate our co-op students’ commitment, and do everything possible to recognize and compensate a student for their efforts..

What have previous co-op students said about the experience?

Our feedback, both formal and informal, suggests that our co-op students are glad they came here. They’ve enjoyed the work, the environment and the chance to make good contacts in their chosen field. Many have returned for other co-op opportunities or full-time jobs here. Finally, as a leader in our industry, working for Nalcor carries significant name recognition value for any graduate’s resume.

Will I enjoy my time at Nalcor?

We have high expectations and we work hard. But we also like to have fun. If you want to push yourself in a challenging environment in a leading, progressive organization and work with talented, smart and ambitious people, we’re confident you’ll enjoy yourself.