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Who is the On-Boarding Buddy?

The co-worker assigned by your supervisor to assist you in completing the general and local orientations. This program pairs together a new person with a seasoned employee to help you become familiar with how things run here in Nalcor Energy’s safety culture – our processes, programs and resources. At the same time it diverts some of the responsibility from your supervisor or manager so that they can spend more time on objectives like your job responsibilities, training and development.

You will be introduced to your On-Boarding Buddy by your first day, so you will have a “go-to” person right from the very start. If you have a positive On-Boarding Buddy experience, you can nominate them for the Best Buddy Award – a prize draw that rewards people who are effective in their On-Boarding Buddy role.

Types of questions the On-Boarding Buddy can help you with:

  • Where can I get my PPE?
  • How do I make a copy, use the scanner or send a fax?
  • Where can I get a coffee?
  • Where is the bathroom and kitchen?

The On-Boarding Buddy will:

  • Provide as much clear and concise information as possible to help you feel comfortable in your new work environment. This includes assisting you in understanding how the corporate on-boarding process works.
  • Be a resource on work rules, workplace culture and norms.
  • Introduce you to your peers and join you on breaks.
  • Provide a tour of the workplace, in conjunction with the supervisor.
  • Assist in any manner they can to ensure you are set up for success.