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What are the typical hours of work?

Hydro Place and Torbay Road office employees work 37.5 hours per week during regular business hours. Area offices and plants work 40 hours per week.

Employees may work flex schedules or in shifts, depending on their job roles and duties. Consult with your supervisor and/or collective agreement to see what your expected schedule is.

When do breaks and lunches take place?

Nalcor Energy offers its employees a half hour unpaid lunch break, along with two 15 minute breaks during the day. Talk to your supervisor to see what the practice is in your region.

What is the dress code if I work in a field or plant setting?

Wear clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is appropriate to your job or task. The first question to ask to determine safety clothing requirements is: “What are the hazards or the risks that I will be exposed to?”

After a risk assessment is completed, management in the regional area should determine what PPE or clothing is required. This will depend on the work that the employee will complete and the areas where he/she will be working.

Basically, all employees should have:

  • Hard hat (Type 2, Class E)
  • Safety eye wear (CSA-approved)
  • Protective footwear ( for associated risks) protective toe – green triangle, ankle support – uneven surfaces, electric shock resistance – Omega symbol, conductive sole – bonding onto structures, etc.
  • Coveralls or Overalls – Arc Rated Category 2 or non-arc-rated
  • Category 4 arc-rated clothing
  • Fire-fighting bunker gear

What is the dress code if I work in an office setting?

Business wear and casual business wear are acceptable as the dress standards for Nalcor Energy and its subsidiaries. Employees should project a professional image; however, casual business clothing is acceptable as an alternative to the suits, ties, dress shoes and formality of the traditional office environment.

A good rule of thumb is that if you are not sure if something is acceptable, inquire first or choose something else.

What should I know about parking?

Nalcor Energy offers all its employees free parking at its sites and facilities.

Recognizing that safety is our top priority, all employees back in when parking on Nalcor Energy property. Backing in and heading out increases your field of vision, while decreasing your risk of parking lot incidents.

Blue Zone Accessible spaces are to be used only by those who have the appropriate permit. These spaces have the blue and white wheelchair logo painted on them. At Hydro Place these are located next to the day care stairs and two spaces in the visitor lot closest to the building. Expectant Mother Parking is also available at many locations.

What information and supplies should I bring with me on my first day of work?

A void cheque or a letter from the bank with your account information, Social Insurance Number, emergency contact and mailing address to get set up for payroll and benefits.

Any required safety clothing or equipment for you position, as discussed with your supervisor.

Are there cafeteria or food services?

Yes – all locations have small kitchenettes on-site including kettles, microwaves and fridges to store your lunch. There is a cafeteria at Hydro Place in St. John’s and many of our locations are near restaurants or cafes for eating on the move. Check with your supervisor or onboarding  buddy to see what your lunch and break options are.

What should I know about payroll?

Adhering to Nalcor Energy’s environmental goal, most employees receive online pay stubs as well as bi-weekly pay by direct deposits. For information about payroll and the online pay stub database, please consult the corporate intranet. Your supervisor will set you up with the appropriate forms on your first day.

What are the benefits of working at Nalcor Energy?

Nalcor Energy offers many benefits to its employees.
Click the below link for some general information about available benefits.

Benefits Summary

For detailed information after you’ve arrived in your new position, visit the Total Compensation information page of the Corporate Intranet.

Does Nalcor have a scent-free policy in place?

Yes – Share the Air is Nalcor Energy’s scent-free awareness campaign for employees. It recognizes that avoiding scented products shows respect for your co-workers who may have sensitivities or allergies to scented products. Ensure the personal care products you use are scent-free, unscented or fragrance-free.

For a list of many scent-free personal care products, visit:

For a list of many less toxic cleaning products or recipes on how to make your own, visit:

For further information talk to your supervisor or contact a member of the Wellness Works team at

Are there designated smoking areas on Nalcor Energy property?

Yes – all Nalcor Energy offices have designated smoking areas. Check with your supervisor for smoking area information at your location.

What sorts of wellness initiatives and employee recognition opportunities does Nalcor Energy offer?

Many of our locations have exercise equipment for employees to use. Hydro Place employees have access to a gym featuring several exercise machines, equipment and weights.

For more wellness information please visit:

Does Nalcor Energy support training and professional development?

Yes – Nalcor Energy does support and fund professional training and development programs, if they are related to your field of work and personal career development. For more information after you begin working here, please visit the Talent Management section of the Human Resources corporate intranet page.

Will Nalcor reimburse for professional fees?

Nalcor recognizes that membership in business, technical and professional organizations can be of benefit to the company as well as to the professional development of the employee, therefore it will support such memberships where it can be identified that the employees’ classification requires membership.

A list of professional organizations where memberships may be supported includes:

  • The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland (PEGNL)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Certified General Accountants Association
  • Society of Management Accountants of Newfoundland
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada
  • Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Surveyors Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors

What is Nalcor Energy's Diversity and Inclusion strategy?

Nalcor Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy intends to enable our employees to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, by providing them with tools which will help them create a high performance work environment where everyone feels valued, respected and supported. This will enable them to promote and speak proudly of their association with Nalcor as a diverse and inclusive organization.