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Through our reporting processes and procedures we are ensuring accountability and providing due diligence and oversight. As part of our regular business operations, there are many ways we report to the public, government and the Public Utilities Board, such as:

Annual Reports
Each year, we publish a Business and Financial Report. This annual report consists of our corporate profile, a review of our business performance, management’s discussion and analysis, audited consolidated financial statements, operating and financial statistics, and information on our corporate governance.

Annual General Meeting
Open to the public, our Annual General Meeting provides an overview on the events of the previous year and our future plans. Each meeting is followed by a question and answer session to provide attendees with the opportunity to ask our CEO, Chair of the Board of Directors and CFO questions.

Operating Statistics

Financial Statistics

Lower Churchill Project Companies – Combined Audited Financial Statements


Transparency and Accountability Reports
In accordance with the Transparency and Accountability Act, Nalcor submits the Annual Performance Report to address all strategic issues outlined in the Strategic Plan and presents results for all of Nalcor Energy and also highlights the accomplishments of Hydro and other subsidiaries.

Environmental Performance Reports
Each year we publish an Environmental Performance Report which highlights what we do to responsibly manage our environmental footprint. The report describes our environmental commitments, accomplishments, partnerships and energy conservation activities.

Muskrat Falls reports

Regulatory reporting